Friday, August 20, 2010

How to Find the perfect Sunglasses!!?

With the sun shining and the weather heating up, you’ll soon be in need of a great pair of sunglasses. But we all know that sunglasses can be kind of difficult to pick out! There are always new sunglasses coming into style, but how do you know what style is the best for you?

All those trendy sunglasses hanging on the racks and only that tiny mirror to peek at when trying on new frames. Under such conditions, buyer's remorse is almost inevitable. But some basic knowledge about face shape and sunglass styles can open up new possibilities and let mistakes stay on the rack this time.
Know a few basic rules. If you have a small face, avoid large sunglasses; a larger face needs larger glasses. Identify your face shape and lastly ask for opinions from friends can help you to find the best choice.

What sunglasses do you wear?

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Beautiful by nature

Being beautiful is our most celebrated stereotype. Having naturally beautiful flora, fauna and population, Brazil soon learned to export its charms. Beauty comes with the territory, and appreciating beauty is our calling in life. Beauty lives alongside the colors in Brazil’s sunlight and beaches, where artistic democracy reigns supreme.

In the fashion and beauty industries, brands have evolved transforming them into an innovative and contemporary professionalism. We are on the world’s agenda for fashion events, we are exporting models, and now we are exporting brands too. Brazilian shoe brands are now on female feet everywhere, for example; Havaianas.

It is a popular brand of sandal originating in Brazil. It has gained a lot of attention around the world with its wide variety of styles and colors, as well as its comfortable rubber design. Havaianas footwear comes in styles for women, men, children and infants as well as in special edition styles.  All the styles of Havaianas are available on its website, as well as at popular department stores here in the United States, like Macy's and Nordstrom. In 2009, a new Havaianas store in Sao Paulo, Brazil opened. The store contains the complete line of sandals, as well as special editions, new styles and options for customized Havaianas.

Havaiana fans include Michelle Trachtenberg, Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Aniston, Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie and many more.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home!!!

Just to make it clear and to make the world understand that Brazil is more than just Soccer, Samba, Carnaval, and Brazilian bikinis….Check out this website with studies about the largest, fastest-growing, and richest cities in the world….Look where Sao Paulo stands. YES! we are on the 13th position….ahead of Hong Kong, Sydney, Beijing, Rome, Montreal, and Buenos Aires….If you look at the 2005 ranking, Sao Paulo was on the 19th position, which is also pretty good !! On the next posts, I will write more about Brazil.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One of my obsessions: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I absolutely love Marc Jacobs!!! He’s one of the greatest designers around. He's also awfully busy, designing clothing, accessories, and shoes for Louis Vuitton, his own Marc Jacobs collection, and his newest line, Marc by Marc Jacobs. I can’t help myself of buying Marc by Marc Jacobs line of handbags!!! They are versatile, fun, usable, chic, and most important affordable. I don’t think I can even remember the last Marc Jacobs bag that I loved over a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. Rock on Marc!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brazilian Food!!!

Whe never heard about the Brazilian bikinis?? I know they are famous...i just want to make sure that Brazil is so much more than that!! I'm tell a little bit about our barbecue...yes is delicious!! You can taste the famous Brazilian Churrasco...yes we call Churrasco hahahha at Rei do Gado 939 4th Avenue (between Broadway & E St) or if you travel to LA you can go at one of the best place to eat Brazilian barbecue called Fogo de Chao. The Brazilian BBQ means roasting and grilling meats over open flames, it's all-you-can-eat where the food comes to you, rather than going to a cafeteria-like counter. All the servers bring about large skewers with the different meats prepared in different ways. There's about a dozen or so choices, with beef, pork, chicken, and lamb. The only problem is, which is my problem, not the restaurants, is that the meats come to our tables too fast. And I am coerced into gobbling the food way too fast. Yes, I know, that is my problem. But all the excitement gets me caught up in eating too fast and eating too much. I would only suggest to them that they slow down and rather than come in these large waves of meat.

Anyways. . .its a great experience for large groups. And it is easier to manage when the bill comes.

What to Order: Yes (There's a Yes or No - if no, why even consider this place) - But I do recommend the Picanha - Garlic Prime Sirloin. The Lombo - Cheese and Pork combination is really tasty.

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